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    I have trouble keeping long nails for finger picking and also a beginner which makes it harder. Recently had come accross AlaskaPics (www (dot) alaskapik (dor) com)with their "over the finger, under the nail" patented finger-pick. Checking out some videos of those being used, really give me that warm-n-fuzzy feeling. However they have no distributors in India, and only option is direct order, and delivery is via USPS.

    Wondering if there are alternatives available in India, and any feedback on usage of picks ? I've used the el-cheapo thumb-wrap plastic pick and metallic finger picks used by Hawaiian players, and honestly, it was an experience I prefer to forget. I broke more strings with those, in a week, than I do typically in a year. Also downstrokes while playing chords, are almost impossible with those.

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    Hello falcon74,

    Regarding your question, NO, there're no alternatives to the Alaska Picks. And even if you find it somehow, it'll be a waste. Alaska Picks appear quite good & durable, but they get mixed reviews from various customers. They seem alright, & I myself was thinking of ordering a set.

    BTW, the best way to test them would be to buy them. They come dirt cheap, so buying is not a problem. You can get them anywhere online, & on ebay too (com, not in). Shipping charges are decent, not very high.

    I would personally suggest you to order a set & try them.

    Hope this helps :)

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