Finger picking basics

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    Hi all..!

    I am here to share some finger picking techniques that i know, as Requested by IGT members. I am not a pro but i am here to share what i know. So i think the best way to start is getting your hands out of the pick and start using your fingers. You need to get that flexibility as you've got on your right hand. The best way to start is with this video.

    How to play Acoustic Guitar Lesson basic finger picking - YouTube

    Keep practising i ll come up with more useful exercises and infos soon ASAP after my exams are over.
  2. vs.suresh

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    Thanks a lot Cibhin for considering our request.... Will try practicing as per the video and let u know the feedback....

    Keep posting...
  3. vs.suresh

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    Cibhin.. Post the second lesson.. hope our members finished practicing the first lesson.
  4. cibhin

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    So i hope that your are able to do that right hand technique. Try to implement that with some chord progressions. Here is another pattern.

    Common Fingerpicking Patterns Part 1 - YouTube

    Once you learn a pattern, try to improvise them. (i.e) Id you are playing the D maj chord play the thumb finger to the D string... Keep practising. You can make it..!

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