Finger exercise for playing melody easily and yet produce good sound

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    For Beginners . . . . . . . .

    Are you interested in practising tabs across fret board and produce a lovely melody / sound? Try your fingers in the following tabs:


    E------------------------------8--10-----10--8------------------------------- E
    B-----------------------8--10-------------------10--8------------------------ B
    G--------------5--7--9---------------------------------9--7--5--------------- G
    D--------5--7---------------------------------------------------7--5--------- D
    A--5--7---------------------------------------------------------------7--5--- A
    E----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E

    You are starting with A string 5th Fret. Instead of this tab, you can start in any other tab in A string but continue to maintain the same shape / pattern. For your help, the fingers to be used are also given.

    If you can master this, you will be able to play 100s of songs lying within these tabs.

    So get your pick, and play happily enjoying the sound. . . . . Sathya
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    By doing this, you are playing a particular raga notes. We will see the raga details and the songs following this pattern later.... Sathya
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    Thanks Sathya......

    Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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