Fine Tuned Disasters - Coming This August!!!

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    Demonstealer Records is very excited to announce the release of India’s
    first compilation dedicated solely to the hardcore, metalcore and nu metal
    genres. From established bands to up-and-comers, this limited release disc
    titled Fine Tuned Disaster will comprise of eighteen blistering tracks.

    Fine Tuned Disaster features veterans Bhayanak Maut, the highly acclaimed Scribe and talented newcomers Skincold, Bitchslap and Amidst the Chaos. But that’s not all. An additional two tracks, one by the heavyweights
    of Indian nu-metal - Pin Drop Violence, and the other exclusively created
    for this CD by the Demonstealer, feature on this compilation.



    Bhayanak Maut – Malignant (EP)
    1. Boiled. Unwound. Filatured.
    2. Pica
    3. Phlegm Blot Technik
    4. Elcit Set Nois Rot

    Skincold – Artificial Existence (EP)
    5. Low Down
    6. Braindead
    7. 4.20
    8. Take Me Away

    Scribe – Have Hard. Will Core (EP)
    9. Ninety Seconds is One Minute
    10. Buddy
    11. Bookie Love Song
    12. One Wing Pencil

    Bitchslap – Picture Perfect (Single)
    13. My Chemical Dream
    14. Roadblock

    Amidst the Chaos – Carthasis (Single)
    15. Latent Principle
    16. 5 minus 1

    Bonus tracks:

    17. Pin Drop Violence – No Regrets (From the album ‘Right To Riot’)
    18. Demonstealer – Fine Tuned Disaster

    The CD is priced at a mere Rs 200 and includes a 16 page colour booklet with pictures, individual artwork for each band and a whole lot more. The CD is going to be released on the 6th of August 2006. It will be available exclusively at Furtados Music at Dhobi Talao and at Independence Rock on the 14th and 15th of August. All India sales will be take care by and local distros.

    Interested Distributors can email for wholesale rates and trades.

    Warm Regards
    Sahil Makhija
    Demonstealer Records
    Tel: 9820643313


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