finally....i bought a new acoustic guitar.

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  1. hey guys thnks for ur posts n reviews in my previous thread( which guitar wud u buy if u had 5000-6000 rs)
    i actually wanted to buy granada but i searched every delhi shop( litterely every shop) but there was not not good collection of granada guitar so i finally decided to buy GB&A, black,cutaway,with pickup(model no-faw-802ecbk)..(5000rs)
    along with that a bag(150 rs),5 sets of ALICE strings(150rs each),1 capo(100 rs ..i think betele was the name of that company not sure), and a cable(20 rs),5 jim dunlop pics(1.14 mm.....30 rs each)
    from BHARAT MUSIC HOUSE....he made the bill of around 6190rs....after discount it came around to 5800rs.
    but i dont think it was the good prics but since i liked the guitar very much i paid that amount.
    i asked him about D'ADDARIO strings and dean mcenly(im not sure if its the correct spelling)..he told me it was of around 450 was little i didnt buy it.....and i also enquired him about JIM DUNLOP capo...he told me its of 200rs.

    but the very next day i went to BINA...this shop is very close to bharat music house...they were selling same jim dunlop capo of rs 150, d'adario strings of 320 rs....
    i finally bought 2 sets of fender strings at rs 320 ..i think..( d'darrio string were out of stock...and dean mcnely strings was not of gauge that i wanted)
    so ppl not as honest as they pretend...and ...they shoud have given bag free with guitar...aint it...
    if u live in delhi do compare these shops before anything
    do post ur comments..
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    post the pics plz ..
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    ^yeah and congrats !!
    is the gb&a sunburn...coz i recently visited bharat and checked one without pickup for 4.5k....and yes,beware of duplicacy of strings...i m not sayin that the ones u bought r not original but these things happen..

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