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    Why - Frankie Avalon ( by me ) -

    Hi All

    This is my first and a very pathetic attempt to singing along with guitar...
    trust me i m a very very bad singer ( u will get to know it when u listen to the file ) ... and more over.. i skip the ebats as i sing...

    Also, i lost my guitar pick ( all of them one by one ) i used the Mumbai local's ticket as the pick..pardon me for that.

    still.. i m uplaoding the file so that the real singers out there could suggest me some improvement.


    Bharat Mudgal
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    :grin: heehhe..clap clap..nice attempt!!! well...even im a newbie at singing..if at all u've heard my recording of the eternal flame im not really in a great position to help u...but from my own xp iL suggest u::
    ur voice is very nice but if u practise u can sound really great..u didnt change the pitch or anything...atleast do that in accordance wid the chords..thruout the song ur notes and pitch remained stagnant :grin: try and sing in diff. pitches and get some modulation in ur voiz...thankgod the guitar was playing otherwise u sounded almost as if u were reading out sumthing from the book [no offence..just want u2 learn :) ] the crux is keep changing the notes and pitch in accordance wid the song... so slog it out,bro! reps4u :)


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