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  1. sharad_20000

    sharad_20000 New Member

    Song: door kahi jab din dhal jaye
    Movie: Anand
    Singer: Mukesh

    i have started with door kahi jab and down below i have laso put kahi dur as to not sure which is the correct one so please bear with me thanx.

    Door kahi jab din dhal jayee

    shanj ki dulhan badan juraye

    Chupa ke se aaye

    Mere khayalo ke aangan mai

    koie sapano ke deepa jalaye depa jalaye

    KAHI DUR JAB DIN DHAL JAYE sanj ke........
  2. sharad_20000

    sharad_20000 New Member

    Someone wanted this song not sure if tabs or chords

    Song : luta gaye toba toba mere yara
    Film: mumbai matniee

    Toba toba mere yara dekh ke nazara

    kahi lene doobe mujhe tere ankh ka ishara

    lut gaye hai ieee

    I am not sure about thw wordings or the movie
  3. sharad_20000

    sharad_20000 New Member

    Song: Ek rasata hai zindagi jo thum gaye to
    Movie: Kala Pattar
    Singer: Kishor Kumar

    Ke rasata hai zindagi jo thum gayee to kuch nahin

    Yeh kadam kise mukam pe

    jo jum gaye to kuch nahin Hm mm mmm

    Aisa gajab nahi dana

    Piya jab jana vides wa re

    Hum ka bhi sang liye jaana

    Piya jab jaana vides va re

    Jate hu we rahi ke daaman se lipat na kya

    do pal ke musafir ke saye me simat na kya

    aate huwe kadamo se jaate huwe kadamo se

    bhari rahe gi raha guzar

    Jo kum gaye to kuch nahi
    ek rasata hai zindagi jo hum gaye to kuch nahin
  4. sharad_20000

    sharad_20000 New Member

    Song : Khena hai aaj tumse
    Movie: padosan
    Singer:Kishore kumar

    kehna hai kehna hai i i ee aaja tumse yeh pehele ba-ar-rr

    tum hi to layie ho jeevan mai mere

    pyar pyar pyar

    I dont the rest of the song so i could not tab it sorry
  5. sharad_20000

    sharad_20000 New Member

    Song:Raat kali ek khwab mai aayee
    Movie: Budha Mil Gaya
    Singer: Kishore kumar

    Raat kali ek kh ba-mai ayee aur gale ka har huwi

    Subaha kojab hum neen da se jage

    ankh unhe se char huie ie raat kali jab.........rEpeat

    Chahe kaho isse mere mohabat chahe hasee mai uda do oo

    Yeh kya huwa mujhe yeh to khabar nahi

    Ho sake tum hi bata do

    I think i have mixed up the paras first and second
    Sorry priya if u could just send me the paras then it would be easier 4 me.
  6. Redalert

    Redalert New Member

    i think if this goes on soon u will out-post me:shock:
  7. preezer369

    preezer369 New Member

    ummm...sum how these don't sound rite...
  8. sharad_20000

    sharad_20000 New Member

    Priya please tell me where do dont find it right so i will try it out and tell u as at places u have to increase the tempo or go hrough the entire line or so at one go. Say if u could correct it then please do thank you.
  9. sharad_20000

    sharad_20000 New Member

    Priya please tell me where do dont find it right so i will try it out and tell u as at places u have to increase the tempo or go hrough the entire line or so at one go. Say if u could correct it then please do thank you.
  10. ravijag

    ravijag New Member

    Hey man, why does everyone submit tabs without chords...????
    It's only single-string-single-note tabs!!! How can you play such a thing and sing along with it ???? Sorry for the critic, but critics are generally meant for improvement !!

    Try to check out the "standard format" or "widely accepted guitar tabs format" (if you can call it like that?!) on other guitar tab sites like Olga.net, etc....

    Please, I repeat again, this comment is only meant for improving the quality of stuffs submitted to this site!!
  11. jimmy_cool

    jimmy_cool The Coolest One!!

    can anyone provide me with the chords of this song
  12. jimmy_cool

    jimmy_cool The Coolest One!!

    i mean the frst song kahi door

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