Fender Sonoran S Natural Acoustic Guitar with Gator Hard Case for Sale

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    Very unique acoustic guitar with a Stratocaster Headstock.

    Authentic Fender, made in China in accordance to specifications of Fender Musical Instruments Corp USA.

    S/N CC: CD07105789

    Price: Rs. 12,000 Non Negotiable. I will accept CASH ONLY and I will NOT ship it anywhere. For sale in MUMBAI. Email me for pictures.

    Bought new in 2008 in Tempe, Arizona. Although 6 years old, it is in amazing condition. Looks perfect, sounds perfect. I have used it regularly, but I have made sure to take VERY good care and have had regular set-ups at Furtardo's Mumbai to make sure it is in perfect condition, specially since I live in Juhu where frets, strings tend to get rusted VERY quickly.

    I was immediately attracted to the Strat headstock since it was something I had never seen on an acoustic.

    Along with the Guitar and Hard Case, I am also throwing in these extras: KORG Chromatic tuner, Digital Metronome, whole bunch of Jim Dunlop picks in various thickness, brand new set of D'Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Light Strings ( .012 - .053), Dunlop Capo ( if I can find it), Martin and Co. Guitar polish bottle, Lemon Oil fretboard cleaner.

    Let me know if you like to come and check it out for yourself.

    I am willing to accept CASH ONLY, and am very firm on the price because I am confident that the guitar and hard case combined are worth my asking price. Please do not negotiate.

    Its a beautiful, well maintained Fender so I am more than happy to show it to anyone who is interested, but beyond that, take it or leave it at the asking price.

    I am also selling a Marshall MG 15 DFX as a separate listing for Rs. 6,500 but if you are interested in both items, there is room to negotiate, so please let me know.

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