fender mustang 1 question please help..

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by kavish kumar, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. kavish kumar

    kavish kumar New Member

    i want to know if i can use a distortion pedal or effect processor with fender mustang 1 amp,,
    and what other options(of amps) do i have in rs 10,000 range,,,???
  2. the1337est

    the1337est New Member

    Obviously you can. Other amps in this price range are Laney Linebacker LR20, VOX Pathfinder 15R, Line6 Spider IV 15w, Peavy Vypyr 15.
    Mustang I is a smart choice though.
  3. soumyaranjan

    soumyaranjan New Member

    Just remember to keep a clean setting, eg. model: 65 twin reverb, gain:3-5, vol: 3-5, treble:5, bass:5, master:3. Do not use the distortion channels with external distortion, sounds real bad.
  4. kavish kumar

    kavish kumar New Member

    what about roland cube 15xl,,
    i mean which one is better among fender mustang 1 and roland cube 15 xl..
  5. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    if you do want to use an effects unit then get the roland....the clean sounds best in range and distortion also has some "oomph" in it...
  6. moheet007

    moheet007 New Member

    IMO, if ur just starting out on an electric like me, i'd suggest the mustang. nothing wrong with the cube, but the presets on the mustang are really helpful to a beginner. i played through a friend's microcube for almost a month before i bought the mustang and the fact that i had to set up the amp to a particular style from scratch before i started playing was a little off-putting. with the mustang, most of the presets are pretty genre specific, so if ur playing maiden or judas priest... dial in the british 80s preset and it gives you some hard-edged distortion. if you plan on playing some pearl jam or soundgarden... dial in the american 90s and ur good to go... (with some little tweaking here and there considering the type of guitar ur playing)
    but of course, i'm just a beginner and a lot of people would consider the cube for the exact same reason i found it off putting (it'll teach you to find your tone)..
    all this is considering ur a beginner and don't have a pedal or processor already.. :)
  7. cooldesert

    cooldesert New Member

    @ Kavish, between Mustang 1 and Roland Cube XL, I had mustang 1 bought for around 100$ as Roland was around 200$ that time. Mustang was good for it's rate. Line6 series is also good. I've only heard someone playing on Roland (live) and was pretty impressed with it. Mustang came with a DVD which had further presets, which I never used though. But for the price of Mustang, it's an amazing piece. And believe me, these are starter series and you won't find much difference. Distortion isn't great with both.

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