Fender Bassman + Marshall Cabinet for sale

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by axeman1986, Sep 25, 2005.

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    Brand - Fender
    Model - 1950s Bassman w/ Marshall 1922 2x12 modified cab
    Valve/Solidstate - all tube. brand new 3xJJ 12ax7, 1xSovtek 12at7, 2xJJ 6L6
    Channels - 2 (one clean, the other with a mild bluesy overdrive)
    Watts - 50w (amp) + 150w (cab)
    Inbuilt Reverb - No
    Speaker - Marshall cab has 2 x 12" vintage 30s celestion speakers.
    Reason for sale - Buying JCM series amp head.
    Price : Anything above Rs. 17k for the set. It does have Rs. 5000 worth of new tubes.

    You are welcome to come by and try the amp out at my residence in mumbai.

    My phone number is 98203 75739. I can be contacted any time of the day.

    ALSO FOR SALE : Robert Keeley Modded DS-1 Ultra Distortion Pedal. Would preferably sell it with the amp.

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