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  1. i know im getting more than i deserve..
    yes just good food and the basics i need

    but who the hell aspires for more that you show
    i desire a slow life with lot of certanity...

    But i feel i wont get it ever in this life
    cause the reverse is what makes the game intrusting

    so let take your things or i will throw them out
    my aloness and me need to be resting..
  2. avi.singh

    avi.singh 6 strings lover

    nice poetry...really a good one...
    the last line takes us in the deep of the words
    "so let take your things or i will throw them out
    my aloness and me need to be resting.."

    i m sorry for unwanted suggestions
    but I thought it is uncomplete...
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    short n sweet.......
    i liked that kcuF off thingy~!~
  4. detritus

    detritus New Member

    Please proof-read.
  5. @horse & avi thanks
    @detritus... i did mine ...u do ur job !
  6. detritus

    detritus New Member

    Sorry, I didn't realise writing properly wasn't part of your work. My bad.
  7. ^ know u no ... im knot goody with wordy
  8. avi.singh

    avi.singh 6 strings lover

    wishing happy holi...to horsie..,monica n detritus n all you IGTians....
  9. detritus

    detritus New Member

    Oh I think the problem's more far reaching than that..
  10. ^ haha ... i got the solution also...TeriusD
  11. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

  12. kuns200

    kuns200 New Member

    aachi hai.
    Does it belong to u?
    try song from "daulat shohrat"- kailash kher.

    @avi.singh : life is not always complete...and our poems resembles our life.
    thik hai yaar poem aachi hai.
  13. avi.singh

    avi.singh 6 strings lover

    I did not mean that..
    really poem was better..:)
  14. wht kinda questionis that...it belongs you ......NO it belongs to u ..... idiot..

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