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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by aryasridhar, Dec 23, 2011.

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    You're not really doing anything. Move out of that 1 box pattern and explore the rest of the fretboard. Play around with different bends and double stops. Build up and release tension either with speed or intensity. Try longer phrases. Since this isn't improvisation you have time to think it through and structure your playing.

    Your guitar needs to be louder. I can barely hear it over the brass.
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    Agree with you on that one, i was moving but not much, and did try some double stops too, but as you said i need to move out of the box and try at different positions :) Thanks a ton man, and as far as the loudness is concerned, probably need to do the mix a little better going forward.
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    I disagree with the moving outside the shape. If you hear BB King play, I think he tends to stay in the box and still rip out great licks. B.B.King is all about timing...and adding the major 3rd and 6th to the blues scale. It's a very simple style yet I couldn't do it if I tried. That being said, I agree that I don't think you did much at all either. I don't think you got the right style. Try not to play so many them at the right time. Check this for example:

    BB king Thrill is Gone (solo) - YouTube

    thats the first video I could find, probably not the best but it does convey the message.
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    Even B B King doesn't play the 10-12 notes of one box pattern throughout a song. aryasridhar is sticking to the pattern around the 7-10th frets. What I'm telling him to do is to find notes higher and lower than that. And to largely stick to one part of the fretboard like B B King you have to learn to phrase like B B King. Even when he plays just those few notes he plays them on different strings (i.e. different boxes), with different intensity, with different purpose. Otherwise, like you said, you end up not doing much at all.

    But, to back up bjr's statement, look up the video of John Mayer and B B King sharing the stage.
    BB King and John Mayer Live (part 2) At Guitar Center's King of the Blues - YouTube
    For some reason John Mayer (whose blues style is otherwise not that bad) is playing a lot of notes but still not doing much at all.

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