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  1. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

    I just graduated a few hours ago and i want to spout out random syllables.

    RaaaarrGHH!! AARRHHGGH!!

    The function/ritual was awesome tho! We only had 20 people graduating so it wasnt like one of these cattle herding ceremonies
  2. umm, aren't you like 101? graduating at this age eh? what an achievement!
  3. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

    ahahah congrats on graduating huh
  4. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Oh no, shsnawada has been unleashed on the world. Back, back you plague.
  5. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

  6. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    "RaaaarrGHH!! AARRHHGGH!!" are not random syllables.


    That is more like it. I pwned your thread.
  7. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    ^haha.. owned, indeed.


    You been time travelling again?
  8. anshammer

    anshammer MR. - 2 - MINZ


    ahaaaaan..... congratsssssszzzzzzz...........!!! :)
    NJoy.!! :beer: .................... :drunk: ;)

  9. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    congrats dude!!! i also wanna be a graduate, then ill start earning, then ill buy a 1959 lespaul, then ill own the world with my music....
  10. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    ^ Before then you'll have arthritis so you won't be able to play the guitar anyway :p:

    @shsnawada: What course were you doing?
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  11. elfascinating

    elfascinating risqué

  12. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

    Oh, please. I'm only 96 and is it because i look old? :'(

    @cryptic angel: Yeah. I just want to visit them good ol' days.

    @110thone: Softcore.... ....... err.. Mathematics... Or words to that effect.

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