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    JUsrt to inform u all about the fate of some ppl who r on the border villges b/w india and pak and r not given any aid after the earthquake...just 'cause they r refugees on both sides...haha....baja bj gaya becharoo ka...no this is serious !!
    got dammm why do we have countrys ?
    any way this one for them

    Title:- fate-line

    doomed out and dwelled
    on high lands they were quelled !
    called refugee, oh lord !
    a word so misspelled !!

    no refuge to stay
    no gee to fill their tray !
    labled and led astray !!

    for both sides r their parent lands
    all worried eyes no helping hands

    if time lane takes us world apart !
    let the fate-line make a new start !
    let the fate-line make a new start !!

    tke care
    ya ye fame gurucool waloon ne bahut ****iaap gana compose kiya yaar .....
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    jekyll Banned

    :RollLol: on the lyrics

    not on the theme ...

    regarding the ques of countries : well we have them beacuse human beings by nature are Greedy, insecure and destructive, and we humnas have a tendency to form cabals ...

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