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    here i will post one acoustic piece that comes in the starting and also in the middle of the song as well as two base guitar piece of the fanaa...

    the acoustic piece is like this

    d u u u
    B --11----11---11---11------
    G --10----10---10---10-----
    D --8--------------------------
    the strumming pattern changes and many strokes are played
    repeat this for the staring intro acoustic....
    the same goes on after the first para with change in strumming pattern where acoustic comes solo......

    the 1st base starts everytime fana is shouted....

    it goes like this

    A --------------------------------------3-4-----
    E ----6-6-4-6--6-6-4-6--6-6-4-4-------6--

    the second base comes during the verse
    1) aavo na aavo na hona hai fana
    2)from sa pa ga ma.... till end

    play this according to the beat of the song

    E --6-6---6-6-6---8-8---9-9-9-------11-11--11-11-11------13-13---13-13-13----
  2. vini

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    cool...u seem to have worked well on this :)

  3. strings

    strings New Member

    yes i have worked well for this.... and also played this in my college........
    its sounds better.....

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