facing problem with strumming / picking pattern in any given song

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by Pratibhabhat, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. Pratibhabhat

    Pratibhabhat New Member

    I am a beginner facing problem with strumming/ picking pattern in any given song. I am moderately comfortable with chords and shifting between 2 chords.
    Problem is I have difficulty in identifying or understanding how the strumming pattern should be for a song.
    Can anyone guide me?
    Say for example - take the song do dil mil rahe hai from Pardesh.. I know the chords used in this song but the strumming doesnt match when i play. :eek: That drives me nuts!
  2. Redalert

    Redalert New Member

    Why dont you start with something simpler?? With just the strumming without any background music or anything. I think by doing so you will gradually start to understand the rythum of the chords. :)
  3. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    Keep on experimenting. Strum as you want to. Sooner or later, it will come to you.
  4. scot_hacker

    scot_hacker New Member

    Here's some Help

    Hey. There's no doubt practising eight hours a day will work wonders but it's better to have *something* at least to guide you. Take a look at cyberfret.com's very basic strumming lessons.

  5. wisevijay

    wisevijay newbombayrox

    8 hrs......u mean continious 8 hrssssss..i ve practiced for minimum 4 hrs continious and 7-8 hrs in all in a day;-)4 me strumming is no problem while playin sitting but when i try to play standing i face some problems.hope more practicing will do the charm
    :) :)
  6. alli

    alli The Best Ever

    mannn...u guys practise for 8 hrs !!!!!!

    im happy if i get 2 hrs to prac. :eek:
  7. wisevijay

    wisevijay newbombayrox

    vacation time man......and i dont spend much time on the PC.....and on the net..........hehehe:cool:
  8. alli

    alli The Best Ever

    wat bout the rythmn..... u get tht when u practise and also depends from song to song.... right ?...

    on a scale of 1.10... 1 being the easiest..wht acc. to every1 here is "how tough is strumming ? "
  9. wisevijay

    wisevijay newbombayrox

    just take any cord combination or any one cord and any strumming pattern.perfect it and then turn ur attention to the fretboard.make sure u can strum that pattern withous seenig on the right hand side and then do the cords.this will help.practice 4
    2-3 hrs a day.if possible 4 hrs.Remember practice makes a man perfect:rule: :rule:
  10. alli

    alli The Best Ever

    hmm...yea.. i've been doing tht..i took one chord and strummed it out ..for a while till i gotthe hang of it ..and then i took...also tried 4 ..but tht'll take a while....

    will TRY to practise for 4 hrs mann...altho once u start..u dont realise how time goes by..but something or the other always comes up and i gotta stop.. :eek:
  11. wisevijay

    wisevijay newbombayrox

    i practice with my friends...we just lock the room and practice......in the afternoon when everyones gont to work;-)

  12. alli

    alli The Best Ever

  13. bhau

    bhau New Member

    i am also facing the same problem

    I am unable to figure out strumming pattern for a song. I tried a lot but in the end all invain. Can anyone help me by giving step by step instruction... :nw:
  14. wisevijay

    wisevijay newbombayrox

    which song dude..........just try to humm with the tune u will gradually get it.keep triying man :rule:
  15. 6String_assasin

    6String_assasin The Painkiller

    strumming is one problem, i guess every1 who learns on there own faces it in the beginnning. u may just sit with ur guitar for 8hrs learning nothing and evan half n hr learning a lotta things. so just sit for a fixed time with ur instrument and try to understand what works how...
  16. 6String_assasin

    6String_assasin The Painkiller

    for strumming, u need to have good rythm and control over ur hand. listen to the song first....tap ur feet, understand and start.
    i started my practice for rythm with led zepplin's 'rock n roll'. that was great help to me.
  17. wisevijay

    wisevijay newbombayrox

    i also agree with 6stringassin just try tappin,humming or just try tappin a dest or table like a tabla.u should get it that way.

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