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    Another view point poem; this time in the point of view of a friend of mine

    Every day
    It’s the same
    The guilt eats at me
    I feel the shame

    And every time
    I see those eyes
    I wonder if it’s you
    In disguise

    The more he grows
    The less I know
    What to do
    About you

    Should I say?
    It’s all okay
    That he’ll see you
    Again some day

    Should I hide?
    My feelings inside
    All for those eyes
    That make me despise

    The person I am underneath
    Damaged beyond repair
    There’s no relief

    It’s my fault after all
    I was too weak to stand up tall
    I deserved to feel the pain
    I always drove you insane

    I didn't even say goodbye
    I packed my things and told you lies
    I sold everything so I could pay
    To catch a flight and run away

    I just couldn't take it anymore
    Not for the one whom I adore
    So many nights locked inside that cupboard
    Hoping never to be discovered

    And what was it all for
    He’ll never be happy of that I’m sure
    Always missing daddy and it’s my entire fault
    Always searching for replacements with such poor results

    And every time I look into those eyes
    I know I’m failing him and inside I die
    No matter what I do it will never be enough
    To fill that gaping hole that is absent of your love
  2. Awesome poetry !!

    I feel its like poetry season ... everone's posting soo many heartfelt's !!
  3. nandy0894

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    amazingggg poem!!
    somehow it suits my situation..haha..amazing read :)

    keep posting! way to go!

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