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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by LEFTY_GUITARIST, Aug 12, 2005.


    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-


    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

  3. shantanukr

    shantanukr yEh DiL mAanGe m0rE

    What a Guitar .. ufff.... good post Mr.Southpaw .
  4. da_punk_hunk

    da_punk_hunk New Member

    a beauty...really, an art masterpiece...
  5. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    waaaaaaaaaw..... the one i liked the most was the forest woody in six stringers.. *shocked*
  6. shadowcaster

    shadowcaster Darkness Everywhere

    Gr8 collection.
  7. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    awsum here's another!!

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    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

  9. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    yup .......

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  10. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

    ^^ is that James Hetfield ????
  11. deathdr_87

    deathdr_87 Awesome Guitarist

    yup thats james hetfiled
  12. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

  13. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    yup dats HETFIELD
    he played with dat guitar in cunning stunts!!
    played LAST CARES GREEN HELL with da , the song suites da gutar !! :p: !
  14. rechts_234

    rechts_234 New Member

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