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  1. kingofthekings_

    kingofthekings_ New Member

    Hi guys...im a beginner and was thinking about buying a semi acoustic guitar from bajaao...they have an acoustic guitar with a pick-up and equalizer...so i was wondering what is an equalizer and what are its functions...
    thanks in advance...this is my first post so i hope i posted in the correct section...peace
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Well it is just like EQ on the music player.

    If you dont know about that, then go ahead and fool around with the EQ on your music player. Learn how to use it to your preference, then think about getting EQ on your guitar.
  3. zak*wylde

    zak*wylde New Member

    equalizer is basically balancing Low,Mid,High frequencies.The lower one gives bassy sound whereas the higher one gives a sharp sound.You can set it according to ur preference...........enjoy :)

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