Epiphone Hummingbird vs Dove

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by Ki113r 7, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Ki113r 7

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    Hey IGT's

    I've decided to invest in another acoustic, my first one was some lame starter acoustic. I was considering an Epiphone Hummingbird or the Dove, I'm just not sure which one to get. Has anybody on here had experience with either guitar?

    I mostly play Jal/Atif Aslam/Oasis style music so I would like to know which guitar is more suited to that style of music.

    Thats pretty much it, I dont really have anything else to ask regarding these two guitars' so your input is appreciated.

    Edit: I forgot to add, whats the action like on both guitars? I tend to struggle with barre chords occasionally so I was hoping either of these would make this a tad easier, besides the obvious point of practicing more.
  2. augur

    augur I love bjr

    Dove doesn't dry your skin like other soaps
  3. elfascinating

    elfascinating risqué

    Plus it is not alkaline.

    Though you can play Jal/Atif even on a crow.

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