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    Hello guys, a newbie here.
    Its been years i have touched my guitar and have picked it up refurbished it and back to basic playing and learning.
    I have moved to blues from classic rock and metal, and was looking to buy a new guitar.I have been wanting a specific one for sometime now and have been day dreaming about it. Its an Epiphone archtop called "Wildkat Royale" comes in white and gold with a bigsby tremolo.
    It is on the website of epiphone, and i have contacted Furtados but no proper reply from them.
    So can anybody help me source it from outside.
    Which website is reliable and how much would it cost me including shipping and customs.I really need this one and would appreciate the help.
    Any suggestions would be helpful as this will be my first import.
    Help me out guys. And here is the llink to that product.

    Wildkat Royale

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