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  1. astroguru26

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    walking on the bridge over looking seaface
    and watching the nature's beauty
    holding your hand
    all seems to be God's grace...
    best moment of my life
    when my emotions were
    over flowing
    and you were with me....
    long years of struggle for bread and butter
    does not eroded
    my emotional feelings....

    i reached to the same place
    walking on the same bridge
    watching the nature's beauty
    but the lovely sunrise
    is no more soothing and pleasant,
    the energy of sunlight that was the inspiration
    is now scorching me
    with the heat ....

    u are not with me to hold my hand
    walking on the bridge
    is now
    seems no Gods grace to me.....
  2. amit82cse

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    very true...things dont change...its just our vision...

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