Ennulle Ennulle, from Valli

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  1. ananth222

    ananth222 Beginner

    Heres the intro guitar tab gor the song Ennulle Ennulle from Valli.

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  2. bornscorpio77

    bornscorpio77 New Member

    Thanks a TON dude.. you made my day !
  3. Raju

    Raju New Member

    Good work...i love this song.wuld like to play.
  4. vonguitar

    vonguitar New Member

    nice work dude........keep it up
  5. gopakumar

    gopakumar New Member

    can anybody post the chords by which i can play in keyboard
  6. sujayxyz

    sujayxyz New Member

    hey man... loved this song and wanted to play this like 4 ever. thanks to you i can play it now finally after 13 years... thanks bro....
  7. keyven

    keyven New Member

    This song of IR is the totally unplugged song....and there is no percussion played except tambourine and maracas in the Charanam...

    Exceptional Composition...
  8. ny_1618

    ny_1618 New Member

  9. jyothiusha

    jyothiusha New Member


    Thanks a lot... i really wanted to paly this song. And i was very happy to find the notes.

  10. nasty

    nasty New Member

    thnx a lot
  11. dineshdg87

    dineshdg87 New Member


    i am a newbie to this website and guitar too.. i love this song. thank you for the tabs.
  12. Babu.M

    Babu.M New Member

    Thanks a lot.
  13. gatech

    gatech New Member


    thanks ananth. Do you happen to have notes for full song?
  14. ksibamurugan

    ksibamurugan New Member

    Very much thanx...

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