Ennavalae chords

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  1. hellowasim

    hellowasim New Member

    Hi guys,
    Can some one post the chords for the beautiful song ennavalae from Kadhalan? Its very carnatic based so might be difficult to play on the guitar, but if the right timing and chords are there, it will be really beautiful.

  2. vidya

    vidya New Member

    hello wasim
    its a beautiful song.....but sorry! donno the chords
  3. Guitar boy

    Guitar boy New Member

    i had chords for this one.. will search for it and post if i get.

    it was something like

    Eb            Bbsus4(7)  Eb                         Ebsus4
    ennavale adi ennavale en idhayathathai tholaithu vitten
    sorry for giving such a short line. i will post if i get the full one.
  4. zee

    zee New Member

    hi guitar boy that song looks good and slow it needs plucking for better performance try to get the first two lines of another song that is kadalikum pennin super song i even have its ring tone too

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