Ennamo Edho - KO full Chords

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  1. Ashyantony7

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    Scale : G minor (4/4)

    Prelude : :|| Gm | Cm Dm | Gm | Cm F ||:
    | Gm | Cm | Eb | F | Gm | Eb | F |
    Ennamo aedho...

    :||Gm | Cm Dm | Gm | Cm F||:
    yetho kuviyamila...

    < repeat ennamo aedho >

    < repeat yetho kuviyamila >

    | Dm | F | Gm | Gm |
    neeyum naanum

    :|| Gm | Cm ||: :|| Bb| Cm Gm ||:
    Hmmm (female humming)

    | Gm | Cm | Gm | Cm |
    muthamitta moochu..

    | Cm | Gm F | Cm | Gm F |
    nerungatha pennae..

    | Gm Cm | Eb Dm/F |
    siripal enai nee...

    <repeat ennamo>

    <repeat neeyum nanum>



    it's a bit easier if you listen it well and play with a bar over 3rd fret and some hammer ons with ring finger

    | Gm | Cm | Gm | Cm |
    ivalae tamizhachi..

    | Gm | Cm | Gm | Cm | - | - | - | - |
    baby youre looking..

    <repeat stanza>

    <repeat ennamo>

    <repeat yetho kuviyamila>

    <repeat yetho kuviyamila>

    | Gm | Cm Dm | Gm | Cm F |
  2. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    Sorry,just a little mistake.. there is a Cm between Gm and Eb on the first line of song... I'll try to post the bass notes of this song if time permits...
  3. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    Hmmm.. So many views but no reply...
  4. M!k3Y SyL4R

    M!k3Y SyL4R New Member


    Every chords I waz lookin 4 sure u'll poz it cha...
    Lke it...
    Cuz I waz lookin 4 it 4 agez....
  5. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    Thanks Mikey

    Thanks M!KE.. I love posting in this site and happy to hear someone reply for my posts... cuz I've not been able to get any contact with any musicians or share any music for about eight years since the time I was new to music.. I taught myself over the years.. I hope my posts will help someone since this site can connect musicians across the seas.. This is an excellent site and I like people come here regularly and share their thoughts.. :) Afterall not musically isolated anymore..
  6. M!k3Y SyL4R

    M!k3Y SyL4R New Member

    No mention it bro...

    No mention it bro...
    Glad bout it 2...
    I'm still new 2 musiccuz I juz started learning guitar laz year...
    Learn juz d basix chordz so its nt biggie 4 me to learn it...
    Hard at 1st bt I change d way of learnin n its fun n ezy...
    Tanx 4 guyz like u who poz chords so we could learn by playin...
    Ny way tanx 4 d chord bro...
    Juz saw it n wanna try...
    I'll coment bout it...
  7. M!k3Y SyL4R

    M!k3Y SyL4R New Member

    Bro watz d strumin pattern...?
  8. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    one downstroke per chord suits for lines like ennamo edho and almost most of the lines of the song... if you fingerpluck hit the base root with thumb and the top four strings with other fingers.. you could play it effectively if you play the chords barred.. I think that's a technique you could practice on.. But I still think a simple stroke would do for this song..
  9. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    Corrections Please

    The line Neeyum naanum


    and Siripal yenai nee..
  10. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Nice chords Ashyantony. The only place I hear some difference is here:

    | Gm Dm | Cm Gsus4 |
    siripal enai nee...

  11. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Also it is Gm7 istead of Eb in the first line.
  12. anwarock

    anwarock New Member

    i did not get anything :-( ..... how to play so many chords in enavo edho ?? :-( ... sorry i learnt guitar frm good people here and i am pretty good now but this i am not able to understand :-( ... can you plz explain .. thank you
  13. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    I assume you can play chords.
    Chords are given for each bar.

    Ennamo (Gm)edho, Ennam thirazhuthu (Cm)kanavil.
    Vannam thirazhuthu (Gm7)ninaivil.
    Kangal iruzhuthu (F)ninavil......and so on.....

  14. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    This is just my way of postin chords (orchestration style).. well if a song is on 4/4 time signature a bar will contain four beats... well something like

    | Gm | Cm F |

    is played as Gm for four beats Cm for two beats and F for two beats.. something like

    | C Am Dm F |
    is played one chord for each beat..
  15. anwarock

    anwarock New Member

    super cool bro - tnx :) now i got it :)
  16. anwarock

    anwarock New Member

    tnx bro :)
  17. anwarock

    anwarock New Member

    anyone with chords of En Kadhal solla neram illay from paiya ?? i kinda liked tht song ....
  18. ktrix

    ktrix New Member

    nice work \m/
  19. vinodmiriyala

    vinodmiriyala New Member

    Very talented. Thanks for the chords AshyAntony & the mild suggestion Rajesh
  20. sumesh steephen

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