Ennai Saaithaale - Endrendrum Punnagai (2013)

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    Friends & Experts,

    Happy New Year!
    Chords attempt (with help from tools) at this melody by Mr. Harris Jeyaraj.
    Please try this out and let know of corrections.

    Thank you,

    Ennai (DM7) Saaith (D) aale Uyir (DM7) Theith (D) aale
    Ini (A) Vaazhveno (DM7) Inithaaga
    Thadu (D) maaraamal Tharai (D) mothamal
    Ini (A) Meelveno (DM7) Muzhuthaaga
    Itha (Bm) zorathil Nagai (G) poothaale
    En (A) Paavangal Theer (D) then
    Mazhai (Bm) Eeraththil Nanai (G) yaamal Naan
    Veliye (A) raththaan Paar (D) then
    (D) Nadakira Varai Nagargira Tharai
    (Bm) Athan Mel Thavi (A) kiren
    (D) Vizhigalil Pizhai Vizhugire Thirai
    (Bm) Athanaal (D) Thigaikiren

    Interlude: D G E A .. D G A D

    (D) Netru Pole Vaanam Ada Indru Kooda Neelam
    En (G) Naatkal Thaan Nee (A7) lum
    (D) Thalli Poga Ennum Kaal Pakkam Vanthu Pinnum
    Ke (Bm) tkaathey Yaar So (A7) llum
    Paravai (Bm) Naan Siragu (F#m7) Nee
    Naan (G) Kaatrai Vella Aasai (A) Kondaen
    Payanam (Bm) Naan Vizhigal (F#m7) Nee
    Naan Ellai (G) Thaandi Sella (A) Kandaen

    (D) Maalai Vanthaan Poothum Oru Nootri Pathil Thegam
    Sen (G) gaanthal Pol (A7) Kaayum
    (D) Kaatru Vanthu Mothum Un Kaigal Èndre Thøndrum
    Pin (Bm) Aemaatram (A) Theendum
    Thavippa (Bm) thai Maraiki (F#m7) raen
    En (G) Poiyai Pooti Vaithu (A) Kondaen
    Kanav (Bm) ilae Vizhi (F#m7) kiraen
    En (G) Kaiyil Saavi (Gm) Ondrai (A) Kandaen
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    Hi Rajesh, Welcome back. Where u have been?
  3. rajeshguitar

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    Hi Senthil,
    Been quite tied up at work and home. So glad to be with all of you.
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    Welcome back Rajesh...............
  5. jimihndrx

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    Nice to see u back Rajesh..as usual nice song selection..but iam hearing lots of suspended chords(do not rely upon tools all the time you will learn nothing than)
    For eg: in these stanzas the progression will be:

    *Itha (Bm)zorathil Nagai (G)poothaale
    En (A)Paavangal Theer (Asus4)then..(F#)Ho..
    ..Mazhai (Bm) Eeraththil Nanai (G)yaamal Naan..
    ..Veliye (A)raththaan Paar (Asus4) then..(A)

    *(D)Nadakira Varai Nagargira Tharai
    (Bm)Athan Mel Thavi ki(Asus4)ren...(A)
    (D)Vizhigalil Pizhai Vizhugire Thirai
    (Bm)Athanaal Thigaiki(Asus4)ren..(A)

    *(Dsus2)Netru Pole Vaanam Ada Indru Kooda Neelam
    En (G)Naatkal Thaan Nee (Asus4)lum..(A)
    (Dsus2)Thalli Poga Ennum Kaal Pakkam Vanthu (F#m)Pinnum
    Ke (Bm)tkaathey Yaar So (A)llum..(Asus4)

    *Paravai (Bm)Naan Siragu (F#m)Nee
    Naan (G)Kaatrai Vella Aasai Kon(A)daen..(Asus4)..
    ..Payanam (Bm)Naan Vizhigal (F#m)Nee
    Naan (Gbar)Ellai Thaandi (Gm)Sella Kan(Asus4)daen..(A)aey

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    [Languages covered- Hindi,Tamil, English, Punjabi & Bengali]
    [Active Since- April 2012]
    (*-Till this post)
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    Thank you, Sathya. Missed you all.
    Hi JimiHndrx
    Thank you. Greatly appreciate the advice, will follow this. Sincere thanks for the corrections.
    Any advice/tips or types of songs we can hear to train for these types of extended (7th, sus, aug, dim) chords?
    Thanks again,
  7. jimihndrx

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    u r welcome Rajesh.. It all comes with practice as simple as that.

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