Engirundho Ilamkuyilin - Brahma

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  1. roentgen

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    Nice song from movie Brahma and the unmatchable IR/SPB combo.
    Cm scale.

    Engiruntho ilankuyilin innisai kettu kann vizhithen
    ninaivu alaigal manadhil ezhumbum (Bb)neram
    (EbM7)Thatti vitten ma(Fm)na kadhavai
    (EbM7)Thiranthu paarkka (Fm)virainthu vaa
    (Cm)Nejam unthan (Fm)nenjam
    Konda (Bb)sanjalangal marai(Eb)ya...(G7)...

    (Cm)Neengaamal thaane nizhal pola naane
    Varuven un (Bb)pinnodu (Eb)ennalum (Cm)than
    (Cm)Poo pondra manathai pollaatha manathaai
    Thavaraaga (Bb)edai pottu (Eb)sendraalum (Cm)than
    (Bb)Paalai pola kallum kooda (Eb)venmaiyaana(Bb)thu
    (G)Parugidaathu vilangidaathu (Eb)unmaiyaana(Bb)thu
    (Eb)Neeyum kaana (Fm)koodum ingu (Cm)oor dhinan intha paal manam.

    Rajesh :music:
  2. pearlmaharajan

    pearlmaharajan New Member

    this is the song I was looking for years... will try and let u know... thanks...in advance...
  3. thamboo

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    I think gangai amaren enacted in this movie and he also plays this song from sheet music in a piano
  4. thamboo

    thamboo Member

    i couldn't imagine G & G7 in the song, i believe for sure there is classical music influence, i would have been bewildered at that juncture of the song trying for chords(as i follow my stupid ways of determining few chords and then identifying scale), what i hear from my friend who learnt carnatic was any song which carries a major scale tone perfectly abides shankarabaranam raagam, (provided all the 7 notes were used)

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