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    I went to a concert today. Performed by a guy who's a legend. And he lived upto his reputation.

    Engelbert Humperdinck.

    The guy had the most amazing control over the crowd. He may be nearly seventy (although he claimed he was 33-34 :cool: ) but everyone were still enamoured by his voice and persona. And of course, his music.

    Course, a very select bunch of people had come for it, only people who'd heard him and his music. Which was a nice change from the pop-punjabi crowd that turns up at Delhi's concerts in the most garish shirts to show off their gaudy and neon-ish selfones (sic). A lot of older ladies and gentleman were in the audience, tapping their feet to old familiar music.

    Tha Last Waltz, Please Release Me, Quando Quando Quando, Am I That Easy To Forget....all the old greats. I still find it difficult to believe I was sitting in the front row, yelling my guts out singing along with him and the crowd. :nw:

    One thing I've seen today. If you have to be a musician, if you're so irreversibly bitten by the bug to sing, play or perform, either do it like he does it, or don't bother at all. 'Cos now I know, that's the only way to do it.

    And he introduced his band. One by one. The keyboard and pianist were of course really good. The saxophonist was a maestro. The drummer and percussionist were mind-boggling in their skill and their stunts. I still can't believe the stuff they pulled out there. The brass section certainly made you notice them. And the guitarists. I have difficulty describing how they played when they did their solos. (I'm never going to be that good :mad: :nw: ). And then there were the two lovely ladies, the backing vocalists who sang like angels. Did I mention they were absolutely oo-la-laa-ingly beautiful and gave the most tempting and enticing display of attitude? Well they were and they did.

    And after his final number and encore, he brought three, red, amazingly perfumed handkerchiefs with his signature embroidered on them, out of his pocket and threw them into the crowd on the three sides of the stage.

    :beer: I got one of them! I honestly believe he looked me straight in the eye and threw it at me, because I was making the most noise in our section of the audience, singing along and screaming my applause and because there were very few people in our section of the auditorium and because I was in the front row of that section in possibly the most accessible seat to where he was standing. Yeah. That's exactly what must've happened.

    It wasn't rock and a lot of it was old music. Simpler music from a gentler time (what can I say, I prefer it that way actually). But it is still all good and worth the attendance. :nw:

    So guys in Bangalore and Bombay. If you can make it to his concert this week, go for it. You'll really enjoy it.
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  2. tejasi

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    Oh yeah...Humperdinck is one of the best artists I have ever heard! My Dad introduced me to this legend when I was around 8. I still get goosebumps when I hear him sing! what a voice!!! I have some 4 or 5 CD's of his and every song is mesmerising. My favorite is "Last Waltz" and "Blue Spanish Eyes".
    Don't miss the opportunity of going for his concert. Wish I could make it...!
  3. josh

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    Still Out of Breath

    I have to confess, I'm still deeply affected by the man. I still can't stop thinking about that concert. I'd like to call him a genius only that would be too cold a description of him. I have never felt this way about anyone before. It's crazy. The guy's a singer, right? Albeit a great one. But he's also so much more than that.

    I ironed the red handkerchief he threw to me yesterday. With great care. And found myself wondering how I should frame it. Dunno what's happened here.

    I keep getting this pit in my stomach every time I think about how much I need to see the man perform again. I'd do anything to meet him in person.

    And every time I think of last night and his performance I smile. Right from recalling how in mid-song he snapped to an authoritative pose with one foot on a stagelight for the photographers. How he imitated an old southern couple in the US, who were trying to apply for social security and the Japanese in a Hawai'ian Karaoke Bar who was singing one of his songs. That was hilarious!

    And then a stagehand delivered a neon green, very slight thong with a note attached by someone called Sandra asking for it to autographed and the title of one of his songs Release Me written on the thong. He joked, "How appropriate", or something to that effect and then quipped how so many of his song titles would be appropriate to the thong. As to the autograph, he said he doubted his long name would fit on such a skimpy thing.

    Quite the joker, he told a story about how Bob Hope once said of him that because of his sideburns he always looked like he was on the telephone! Also joked that it was said of him that his wife didn't mind that he'd made love to so many women. It was less work for her.

    And kept taking digs as Tom Jones. In fact he introduced himself, "Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Tom Jones". And then while stuffing those famous red handkerchiefs of his in his pants, he commented that 'a certain Welsh artist' seemed to always have a really bad cold because of the 30 hankies stuffed in his pants.

    :dance: He even imitated Michael Jackson's moonwalk during one of his strenuous jigs. And asked his nad manager to sing part of a song while he took the baton and then while the band manager was singing, he playfully poked him in the you-know-where.

    He kept us all entertained so beautifully. He once told a story behind a song oh his about how he was once sitting in a piano bar having a drink and feeling melancholy. "And then she got up and left!" :Laughing: Most of the audience took a whle to understand the joke. And he immediately quipped to his band manager, "They didn't get that".

    He did it so well. Either the man does everything he does, very well indeed or he simply doesn't do the things he doesn't do well at all. I suspect the former. :nw:

    I just have to figure out a way to attend another one of his concerts, and maybe even shake his hand. :please: :Worried: It's as if something terrible will happen if I don't. :sadbye:
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    Hi Josh. Am glad to acknowledge a real 'fan' when I see one...and you are certainly one. Your enthusiasm for the show you saw is catching. Englebert's been around for a long long time and it's amazing to see that up to now he still has the same charisma as when he first started in the early 60s. This is what a true showman is. I live in Uk and have seen him on stage several times. I must admit that his 'act' hasn't changed too much lately and has slightly mellowed over the years. He's a great imitator and always perform some funny acts when he's on stage. I've seen the one you talked about several times. Looks like this time he didn't do his Frank Sinatra impression (really funny). He also tends to invite a young lady on stage and sings to her... to her delight and...embarassment. As I said he has mellowed down now but before he used to be quite outrageous and only a great showman would do what he did on stage....and get away with it. Anyway, hope you'll have the opportunity to see him again and may your wish come true.

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