Endhiran Kadal Anukkal guitar tab

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Is this works.. sounds nice?

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  1. srinivasaanb

    srinivasaanb New Member

    Kadal Anukkal song have these chords
    D, Bm, G and A

    D 232000
    Bm 234400
    G 300023
    A 022200

    Here it goes like this...

    D Bm G A
    Kadal Anukkal udambil enthanai

    try the same for other lines..

    D Bm G A
    Azhagin motham neeya... ....................

    D Bm
    nee Newton-in Newton-in vithiya, undhan

    G A
    nesam nesam ethir vinaya

    jus it sounds gud to me.. correct me if i'm wrong...
  2. pinkala

    pinkala New Member

    hi , i'm new to guitar , what will be the strumming pattern for this song
  3. vikram.k

    vikram.k New Member

    can yu plz give the strumming pattern n da chords fr da intro??
  4. Toby Mac

    Toby Mac New Member

    Let me tell you one thing. Dont try to find strumming pattern for any song. you said u r new to guitar. but that should'nt stop u from trying to put ur heart in it. try to follow the beat with ur full heart. any kind of strumming will reach ur hands. Trust me. I have been through this when i was new to guitar five years back.
  5. youtube

    youtube New Member

  6. shunvrutha

    shunvrutha New Member

    hello??? plz give us da strumming pattern...plz plzplz.... itz tough 2 find out!
  7. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    sorry dude.. The chords for kadhal anukkal are not the ones above though the scale of D major is correct..
    kadhal anukkal udambil yethanai

    neutron electon un neela kannil motham yethanai

    unnai ninaithal thisukkal thorum aasai sindhanai ayyo

    strum A four times..

    azhagin motham neeya

    Nee newton newtonin vidhiya un nesam nesam yethir vinaya nee

    aayirm vinmeen thiratiya punnagaiya azhagin motham

    neeya... nee

    nee mutrum ariviyil pithan anal mutham ketpathil jithan unnal dhemm dhom dhom

    dhem dhom dhom... Dhem dhom dhom manathil satham then then idhalil yutham

    roja poovil ratham.......................Dheem dhom dhom manathil satham

    oh baby oh baby senthenail ossapi..Oh baby oh baby megathil pootha gulabi
    second time for oh baby the below chords

    If you like it... tell me.. I'll post for the whole song..
  8. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    strummin pattern

    nn n nvnvnvnv

    the first two down strokes- 1 beat
    the next down stroke-1 beat
    The last eight alternating down and up strokes -1 beat
  9. Balajivijayan

    Balajivijayan New Member

    CAn you post me the guitar tabs for this whole song
  10. Balajivijayan

    Balajivijayan New Member

    Please post me guitar notes for this whole song
  11. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer


    | Bm | Bm | Bm | F#m | Bm Bm9 | D Em | GM7 G6 | A7 D |


    | D | D | G | Asus4 |
    pattampoochi pattampoochi..

    | D | Bm | GM7 | A |
    Kadhal kollum manitha poochi..

    | Bm | G |
    Thanniyil thanniyil oxygen miga athigam

    | Bm | G |
    manasukkul manasukkul aasaigal miga athigam

    | Bm | Asus4 | D A7 | Bm |
    aasaiye va va aayiram...

    | DM7 | D7 | Em | A | F#m Em |
    kadhal kaara nesam...

    | Bm F#m | G | C7 |
    kadhal kaari undhan...

    | F#m Em | F#m |
    kadhalin neramum ilaithuvittathey

    oh baby < use same chords >


    | Bm | Bm | F#m | F#m | x4
  12. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    Small correction please

    small correction... for the part neutron elctron try Asus4 instead of D.. as

    Neutron electron un neela..
  13. Dany jibi

    Dany jibi New Member

    i want tabs for this song

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