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    {(Dmadd11)En vaazhvile varum anbe vaa}-[2 times]
    (DM7)kanne vaa nilamugam (CM7)kandaen vaa..
    ..ore sugam (Bb)naan kaa(Gm)na in(A7)bam

    En Vaazhvile part repeat

    {(A)Irumbaga ninaithe(Dm)ne
    (A)karumbaga initha(Dm)ye
    (Dm)ennen(A)na (Dm)ennan(A)gal (F)un nenji(Dm)le}-[2 times]

    (Am)Kaanatha sorgam unthan (Dm6)kaathal alla(E7)vaa..

    (E7)Theeratha (A)mogam thantha (BbM7)devi ingu (Dm)vaa

    rest is same

    (Dmadd11 or Dmadd4 - notes- DFAG)

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    Excellent Jimi... I have a thought of posting chords for this song... Very nice song selection and chords... Thanks for posting..

    Keep posting..
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    Thankyou Suresh sir!

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