En ANBE en ANBE..from mounam pesiyathe

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  1. macho_vi

    macho_vi New Member

    B 0--8--7--5--7-7/8--0--10--8--7--7--7--5--7-7/8

    B 5--3--3--5--8--5--5--3--1--3--0-------- { }
    { PLAY TWICE }
    B-0---0-3-1-1-1------3-0----------------- { }
    G--2-2------------------------------------ { }

    B-0-1-5-8-8/9-----9-8-5-1-0 9 (play twice)
  2. jake_123

    jake_123 New Member

    need the same type of tabs for munbe vaa en anbe vaa
  3. Ramsk0408

    Ramsk0408 New Member

    tat's awesome yaar.. can i have the tabs for the second para of this song too pls...... Thanks in advance... :)


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