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  1. I’m shifting the place I called home
    My bed, my cozy bed with wooden window
    In fact we shifted from the house long back
    Still I kept a snap of it in my mind
    To get sleeply when in less comfort
    We shifted, I shifted, we kept on shifting
    I never found the same sleep anywhere else
    Till now at-least there was some home
    Where we finally shifted, but now
    No home at that place back in the mountains
    In-fact it’s a dealership now
    Deals of relationships, tricks of business
    Exploits on emotions, acts of sharpness
    Not that the they have changed
    Not that they are greedy
    They are same old kind fellas
    Only that the people around, the society
    The handless, mouthful, big ear society
    Has pushed the old fellas to their knees
    And they tuned the home into the dealership
    In-genuine urge to live-up to, to live with
    The unknown but familiar faces
    Compelled them to shut the wodden window
    To burn the cozy bed and turn the residential to commercial
    As I window shop the things and put in my books
    As to how much it all amounts to,
    Cause i want to be free now
    I want to shift my cozy bed
    To some place in my mind
    So as my deep can sleep dauntless
    As I stand here and re-consider
    It’s a huge amount
    Even more than a life time
    Shall I pay-up front or EMI !!!
  2. such is life

    such is life New Member

    I really like this its so raw and very saddening.
    reminds me of the consumeristic world we live in.
    Keep up the great work
  3. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    such simple words and such amazing meaning ..very nice!

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