Electro Acoustic Guitars - Budget Max - 10-12 k !

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by arvind_b, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. arvind_b

    arvind_b New Member

    Hey guys,

    Wish you all a Very Happy new year ! I currently have a Gb&A acoustic and thinking of buying a a VALUE FOR MONEY Electro acoustic Guitar which can be jacked up with a Acoustic AMP.Kindly suggest which one or any other in your view.i live in gurgaon near Delhi , so any outlets you know of can also be suggested.

    > Epiphone AJ-100CE Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

    > Granada PRLD-18CEQ

    > Stagg SWA6CETU

    > Ibanez G5ECE-AM Electro Acoustic Classical Guitar

    > Ibanez V74ECE-OPN Electro Acoustic Guitar

    > Cort AD880CE Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Guitar

    > ANY OTHER ??????? Pluto, KAPS etc ....

  2. saurabh.kishore

    saurabh.kishore New Member

    With that budget u definately can get a great guitar but the pickups arent goin to be that great. I hv had some great reviews about pluto but they didnt sound good to me.

    I would have invested in a Yamaha F310 which sounds awesome for it's price and difficult to beat, and get a great sounding fishman neo or LR Baggs pickup installed and get an awesome sounding guitar within your budget.
  3. arvind_b

    arvind_b New Member

    Hey saurabh,

    thanks for ur views, so does it make a lot of diff if we go for a Electro-acoustic with Company fitted Pickup or Get it done on a standalone Acoustic from Outside ..?

    Also i would prefer a cutaway and yamaha does'nt seem to offer much on that front ..
  4. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    Cort or Granada.
    I recommend playing them for yourself and choosing the right one.
  5. arvind_b

    arvind_b New Member

    Hello bunny,

    well thanks for the reply but after a lot of delibration and reviews just ordered a ephiphone aj 100 ce with bajaoo.com at rs 10,600.Will update when get my hands on it .

  6. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    This looks like a good guitar to me... All the best !
  7. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    Do tell us how it comes out to be. I have no clue about epiphone acoustics, never got my hands on one.
  8. arvind_b

    arvind_b New Member

    well as my luck would have it the ephiphone aj 100 ce is out of stock at bajaoo and they are offering me a

    Ibanez V72ECE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar
    Cort MR-E NS Acoustic Guitar with pickup

    Both have almost the same Specs except the Cort has a Solid Spruce Top.., well read through some reviews..so is Solid spruce really a Big deal viz select spruce ..

    Any suggestions ..?? most welcome.
  9. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Bajaoo does it all the time... that's why they suck donkey balls...
  10. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    get the cort....cause ibanez guitars are also made by them....so they usually offer better for same price than bigger brands
  11. arvind_b

    arvind_b New Member

    yes, even the bajaoo guy told the same.., most probabaly gonna go for cort looks better than ibanez also has a solid spruce top ..

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