Electro Acoustic - Granada PRLD-18CEQ OR Stagg SWA6CETU : WHICH TO GO FOR

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by arvind_b, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. arvind_b

    arvind_b New Member

    Hello friends,

    i am looking to bua a Electro acoustic guitar and have two options, kindly suggest which one to go for and if any other available near delhi.

    Granada PRLD-18CEQ

    Stagg SWA6CETU
  2. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    Dunno about Stagg, but granada surely makes quality instruments worth much more than what they cost.
  3. arvind_b

    arvind_b New Member

    hi bunny,

    thanks for the reply. i moght as well go for granada. i guess u yourself own a garanada, any feedback on ur experince is most welcome.
  4. Evil.Bunny

    Evil.Bunny New Member

    well...my friend actually owns one, i have a KAPS (pretty darn good) and my roomie has a yamaha. It stays in my room all day so i have played it a lot, and i can assure you it is the best of the lot. My senior bought a Hofner (yes, the original one) and boy! that granada seems as good if not better than the hofner.
    Its very easy and smooth to play and sounds tremendous !!
    my KAPS actually sounds more bright but its bass sucks...plus it seems so hard to play in front of the granada (probably because of the scale length)...
    Granada would be you best bet !

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