Electro-Acoustic: gb&a or Pluto?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by madman1987, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Personally i prefer gb&a et-4 coz i got it.. and it worked great for me for last 3 years. It have a rich clean steel sound which i like and sounds sweet to ears(especially when playing pluckings and classical stuff).

    hadn't played many pluto, so cant comment much on it.. but one my friend got and it sounds ok.. nothing special to me (but its not costly too.. he got it for around 3.3k as i remember.. and is not Electro-Acoustic)
  3. madman1987

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    ^^Thanks for reply bro.

    You said "it worked great for me for last 3 years", is it dead now?
    And how is the pickup and equalizer?
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    Common Guys reply, it's very urgent. :-(
  5. alienroar

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    Srry for late reply, coz of holi couldnt log in yesterday.
    about ur questions; its not dead. i bought it 3 years back and its still rocking like its new. took good care maintaining it :)

    About the pickup and equalizer. the pickup is good for acoustic, not much idea about equlizer as not used it much. it effects output of sound greatly when messing with it. but i generally use all 4 bands in mid. the tuner with pickup have good sound response too. if u wanna here sound quality, check my thread's vid.

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    pluto is also as good as gb&a i have one, both are almost very similar, u check out the quality of the pick up and eq of both the guitars then u decide which one to buy, take someone who knows stuff abt guitar n that ll do fine
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    hello guys

    i am a newbie for this guitar world.. i am planning to buy a guitar this week.. i am living in bangalore. i am going to buy an acoustic guitar. i need help..... whether can i buy the acoustic electric ?? ? and can i able to connect the acoustic electric guitar to the head phones so that i will not annoy my neighbors (living in an apartment), roommates or family members when i am in home.. guys please help me in this issue.. and i did some googling for this issue.. i got some solution like VOX amp plug..... ?? ? no idea on that... please help me guys.. thanks in advance
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    hi dude,

    please start a new thread regarding your problem instead of bringing back years old dead posts.
    go to this link here...


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