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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by dilip.ped, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. dilip.ped

    dilip.ped New Member

    Hi Buddies,

    I want to buy an electric guitar below 15k. I mostly play rock, heavy rock, punk, metal etc. the likes of Guns n' Roses, AC/DC, Metallica, RHCP etc. and Creed, Greenday being secandary. Hence I am looking for a versatile guitar.

    My shortlisted guitars:

    Ibanez GRG170 dx (I hv heard that tremelo is a prob with this guitar)
    Ibanez GRG270 dx (It comes with a LT1- bridge. Does that have an added advantage? I am a beginner)
    Epiphone SG special
    Fender Squier Affinity strat
    Fender Squier Showroaster
    Yamaha Pacifica 112J
    Greg Benett Avion AV-1
    Greg Benett Malibu MB-50

    Please suggest me the best among these guitars. Also add to the list if you have any good guitar in your mind under the given budget.

  2. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    There aren't many decent guitars at that price range
    Stay away from all Gio series ibanez they are crap
    Epiphone sg special is good but try extensively before buying, sometimes there are defective ones
    The squires are mixed bag but I will not recommend them personally
    The pacifica is a great guitar
    Greg bennets avoid them as they have wrong body woods
  3. faraz.bronx

    faraz.bronx New Member

    wrong body wood wrong body wood! come on mate..i own bennett..show some respect! :p

    pacifica 112j is very good, considering the list you've provided..however, removing the ibanez grg's, its not all u can look into..try on the dean vandetta xmt..or an ESP M-50..even EC 50 is decent..and mate, please look for older posts before making new threads..there are eons of threads consisting of the same debate..it gets mundane! :)

  4. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    1st choice - Yamaha pacifica 112J
    2nd - Fender Squier
    3rd choice - Greg bennett. If you can afford go for AV3. Dont buy AV1
  5. srk54727

    srk54727 New Member

    Also look at Cort EVL Z4/K4. You might like them. Around the same price .. may be 1-2k over budget.
  6. dilip.ped

    dilip.ped New Member

    Thanx for the feedback guys. How about yamaha rgx121 z?
  7. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Never had a chance to play that anywhere in the shops out here. But Yamaha so i assume it wud be a quality build...
  8. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    Yeah even I never tried that yamaha
    Faraz I never recommend stuff that I wouldn't buy myself. The avion av1 is made of nato wood which is like mahogany's queer relative. Tonally it isn't as good as mahogany hence I don't recommend it.
  9. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    And also beware of the squires at that price range I have seen many bad ones, I would gladly recommend a classic vibe series.
  10. dilip.ped

    dilip.ped New Member

    Thanx for replying folks. Well, as my budget is low, and I can't go for a good amp as of now. Do you guys recommend going for a processor alone so that I can plug in my speakers or headphones (for practice purpose only, for performing I will plug it into my friend's amp). Was thinking abt digitech rp50.
  11. tirtha2chester

    tirtha2chester New Member

    There are many locally made guitars from local luthiers that pack a punch... They are always thousand times better than these cheap china made squiers, javas, corts and gios.... The only downside I can see in them is that their design might be flawed sometimes but that's rare and hardly matters... They really give you a good tone otherwise... These made in china basswood guitars make guitarits cringe due to their real cranky and crap tone... And for your price range, the tremolos will give you some real grief (yes, i've even seen a tremolo bridge literally coming off a sqier once) , added to that, you'll keep losing tuning... So I'd say you stick to fixed bridge guitars unless you wanna spend above 20ks, which'll give you many decent options...

    Given your list, the Avion is the only decent guitar I can see coz its made in indonesia and its got a good sustain... Tonewise it pretty much beats all the others in your list....

    i'd recommend you to spend a thousand bucks more and buy a Greg Bennett Avion AV3 for 16000... It is a kickass guitar with a kickass tone and kickass sustain with a warm rich mahogany sound... It is basically a Les Paul clone and heck, it even beats all guitars coming under the range of 350$.... The rich and fat tone and the beautiful sustain is what compelled me to choose it as my FIRST electric guitar....

    i'd like to advise you to go out there and test all guitars and buy the one you like... And try to stay away from those with tremolos at your price range and the made in china ones..... My pick Samick AV3...

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