Electric guitar shops in NCR/KOLKATA!!!

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    I live in delhi and visit kolkata regularly, i planning to buy a new electric guitar my required spec are Humbuckers, LP copy model(can be custom made) no whammy bar, will be playing and recording mainly whrough behringer ucg102 and GR5 / amplitube. My budget is around 7k.. Plz guys i need some serious help regarding shops in kolkata or delhi(ncr) regarding shops offering quality products at affordable prices'

    PLZ help guyz!!!

    PS- Sorry for reposting this thread on a different forum but i need urgent help:::
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    RajMusical in Delhi.
    I'm not aware of any good cheap LP copies, but I'm sure you can find one. You can check out Cort CR50 (Rs 7,750), Cort CR100 (Rs 10,400) and Epiphone LP Special II (~ Rs 11,000).

    Electric Guitars at raj musicals

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