Electric Guitar help! gotta buy 1 fast!! pls help!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by richiefujiace2, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. richiefujiace2

    richiefujiace2 New Member

    guys im goin straight to da point!!
    I need a gud sounding guitar... for now.. like need to jam ASAP... METAL
    dont have much cash...
    coz im gettin a Warlock in a few months..
    there's a JAVA guitar for 6.5k... looks fine.. its got 3 single coil pickup's...
    Please suggest sme guitars within da price range of 9k!!! cnt go higher!!
    SOME 1 PLS HELP!!!
  2. irfanintekhab

    irfanintekhab New Member

    you can play metal on a strat (java) i own one, but it wont really sound that nice as ibanez, but the least i know in ibanez is 12k so probably you can go for fenders with humbucker, in the neck position will be best, for metal that is
  3. slayersid18

    slayersid18 New Member

    yeah humbucker is important as metal needs that edge a humbucker coil gives you....try getting one with that...try a few chinese/indian makes if you want too...it dont matter for the moment as u gonna get a Warlock later \m/
  4. richiefujiace2

    richiefujiace2 New Member

    yeah i noe... bt i need a kinda decent guitar for jammin now...
    :( cnt spend much tho!! :(
  5. justneedaguitar

    justneedaguitar New Member

    well i say save some money
    get tht bc rich or an ibanez fast
    or try searchin for a second hand guitar !!!
    dnt invest in something like java or givson or nething
    go for something original !!!
    thts my suggestion or spend it on effects
  6. richiefujiace2

    richiefujiace2 New Member

    dude there's an Ibanez for 9k... GIO thing... i was thinkin to get dat 1... or a gb&a...
  7. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    the GB&A i own will anyday beat the crap out of a low budget Ibanez (especially after i got the EMG's fitted...lol)........anyways the point is don't go for Low end Ibanez's they plainly and simply suck...........And the java sucks more than the Ibanez's.........Strats are not built for metal.....having said that......the processor/pedal and amplifier define your tone more than the guitar.......

    BTW it's the wrong forum....you should have posted in the beginners forum..........
  8. hibernator

    hibernator New Member

    Save up that money for something else worth buying...and borrow your friends axe or something...there has to be metal head somewhere!

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