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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by gamebore, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    Hi Friends.

    Hope you all are doing good.

    Just like all of you guys, I am a big fan of guitar playing. I play on my acoustic guitar every now and then. Not the perfectionist i want to be, i still love playing and learning on my guitar.

    Of lately i have been thinking of upgrading to electric guitar, knowing that it will add an extra spark to my guitar playing and learning capability.

    I need help from you guys to decide which electric guitar to buy, considering im a beginner in electric guitar-ing, and what all accessories should i purchase along with it to be able to play and practice any/most kind of songs/tunes, etc.

    I had initially thought of going ahead with a combo package(still don''t know which company's), which would include almost everything. But then i also want to know the opinion of all you experienced guys on whether i should individually buy the guitar and all the accessories, or should i go ahead with the combo pack.

    The budget is stretchable from 12k to 18k, although if there is any better option available in slightly higher range, i can consider it too.

    Thanks for reading through the complete post. Do pour in your suggestions.

  2. insatanity

    insatanity New Member

    Don't go for combo packs.
    First decide on what kind of music u want to focus on. Check bajaao.com for the type of guitars available in the price range. Being a beginner, I would suggest going for a tune-o-matic bridge type guitar, since most of the guitars in that price range will have crappy tremolos.
  3. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    I am more interested in playing the leads, be it the comfortably numb solo, layla solo, or any solo of my own composition. I listen and play mostly rock, blues.

    If combo is not the right way to go, can you please suggest which guitar, amp and effects would be the best suitable considering my price range and the kind of music i like to play?


    PS : What do you guys think about the yamaha pacifica 112J ? Any ideas about how much it costs?
  4. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    Hi guys.

    After going through lot of internet research, ive narrowed down to the following set up--

    1) Yamaha pacifica 112J (Appx. Rs. 15000/-)
    2) Marshall MG10CD - Amplifier (Appx. Rs. 4000/-)

    What do you guys think? Should i go ahead with this configuration? This particular amp does not have a footswitch. Is it necessarily needed?

    Also, what about the effects? Is it really essential to go for it in the beginning? Which effects would be the best buy in case i need to buy one?

    Also, what about the cables? Im guessing ill get some cables along with guitar/amp. Would those be good enough?

    I'm pretty excited. Do help me out with the above queries.

  5. Anchit7

    Anchit7 New Member

    Hi there....
    do check out the greg bennett avion av1 and av3....they are good les paul type guitars..
    but if you want real versatility...then the pac 112 is your guitar man......
    i dunno much about amps.....check these out first.....
  6. insatanity

    insatanity New Member

    If u want to play more of leads, then u may want a good tremolo which seems difficult to get in this price range. AV1 and AV3 seem to be good guitars but they have a TOM bridge. If ur interested in Yamaha, check out their RGX series as well. Better go out to some stores and try some guitars. Even if u don't want to purchase and expensive one, just try it.
  7. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    What are you guys thoughts on Yamaha RGX121Z ?

    It has 3 Yamaha pickups (H-S-H) as compared to the 112J's S-S-H. How much of a difference does it make to guitar playing?
  8. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    I would go for a roland cube and a greg bennet.
    My advice is - dont fuss too much about the guitar. Pay more attention to the amp. If you get a great guitar with a cheap ass amp, your rig would sound only as good as the amp.
  9. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    hi ppl... i was expecting a little more help from all you experienced guys out here in the forum.

    anyways, what do u guys think about Ibanez SA260FM guitar? It's a bit more expensive than Yamaha Pacifica 112J, but boy does it sound good. :)

    Im confused a bit because Ibanez SA260FM at the price, appx 20k, i can buy both a pacifica 112J and a roland cube 15x. I just want to ask all out here whether the Ibanez SA260FM is worth the money?

    Please reply guys. We buy a guitar very seldom in our lives. And im hoping you guys can help me figure out the right one for me.

  10. insatanity

    insatanity New Member

    Better go out to some shops and try some guitars. Check out harmony central for reviews.
  11. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    dude for SA260 u'll have to stretch ur budget a lot.. in my opinion u can go for
    Ibanez RG series
    Yamaha Pacifica
    Greg Bennett AV1 or AV3 (whichever suits ur budget)

    for amp
    go for Roland Cube 15X
  12. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    "Is it worth the money"? That's a decision for you to make. One might say that is a Gibson which costs 1 lac worth the money? It depends on the person and the use he's planning to put it to.


    1. How much you can pay.
    2. Your professional level of playing
    3. The actual difference between the guitars AS YOU HEAR IT. Is it really that superior?

    So if it sounds that much better to you, if you are a good player and if you can afford it, go for it.

    But remember, if you are just learning, going for a very high end guitar (which you cannot afford) by dipping into your rent money may not be that good an idea.

    And remember if you get better later and need a better guitar, you can always sell the current guitar and buy a better one.

    I was in a similar situation sometime back. After trying out a lot of guitars I went for a Greg Bennett AV1. It sounds great for my style, which is mainly rhythm. Get to a store, try out a few guitars and see where it takes you.
  13. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Little note: If you're trying out the Pacifica 112J, also try the 112XJ. They cost almost the same.
  14. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    Guys what are your thoughts on ESP LTD M-53 and ESP AX-50?
  15. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Personally I felt the lower range ESPs sucked ass... Just my opinion though.
  16. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    what does that mean?? are they good or bad??
  17. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    ^^ they are bad....any lower range guitar with an agathis body will suck...n if m nt wrong the ESP ax 50 is an agathis.....go for somethng with a basswood body......corts are good, gb&a is an option...nothing better than a yamaha pacifica with an H-S-S....... u could go in for a B.C.Rich, tohugh they are nt as good either....Ibanez is another aoption, but i dun think the RG 321 comes in any pack...... the best guitar i would recommend is a greg bennett avion...go for any of them.....
  18. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    dun temme dat even a givson would kickass with a roland... atleast let him get a decent rig...... guitars arent somethng u buy everyday.............. but then neither are amps.... Marshall sucks.... IMO strangers are much better than da sorry amps dat marshalls have brought out in Inda........ go in fr a 20watt stranger(aprrox 3k), a greg bennett avion av1 (12k).. and u will need a proc too..... to get somethng decent u will have to spend atleast 5k on it......
  19. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Suck: To draw into the mouth by producing a partial vacuum by action of the lips and tongue

    Ass: The hole at the end of your gastrointestinal tract

    To suck ass is bad, I believe. Hope you agree.
  20. gamebore

    gamebore New Member

    I believe i do agree. Now getting to the point. I see you having an avion av1 with roland cube 15x. How does the combo sound? Do you have any youtube link to something that you've played using the two equipments?

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