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    First Post!

    I am planning to buy my second electric guitar and I am having trouble deciding as there are many choices and I cannot get my hands on most of them as local stores (I am from Pune) don't have much variety.

    I am thinking of buying online and the only guitar I seem to be interested in right now is the Vintage V100 available only on Promusicals (23.7k) and on guitarstore.in (27k).
    Does anyone have experience with either of them?

    I am looking for a guitar with individual volumes and tones for blues, rock stuff, I don't need a tremolo or a metal guitar...

    What are my other alternatives?
    Suggest all the guitars you can!

    Also, I don't mind going to Mumbai, so stores in Mumbai might help too.
  2. faraz.bronx

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    a simple question. What is your preferred genre? if its metal, look for a maple body guitar like ESP M-200FM (maple body, coil tapped picups for variable tones and 24 frets), or a schectre demon 6, a great mid range guitar but has just a master tone and master volume knob.

    or you could look into the 22 fretted les paul designs for a more balance playability (preferably mahogany), like Ibanez ART100DX, or epiphone les paul standard, or a greg benette a7 (quite good), or a cort evl z4..all under 25k.

    it all depends on what you wish to do with your guitar man. I hope it helped.

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