Ek haseena thi-Karz

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  1. himohabbat_07

    himohabbat_07 New Member

    Ek haseena thi-Karz intri tabs plzzzzz
  2. Sash

    Sash New Member

  3. harish4u

    harish4u New Member

    i have just joined this community today.
    these are the tabs for ek haseena thi as i use to play

    B 5--------6---5---------6---5--------6
    G --7--9---------7--9----------7--9------7----7----7--9--6----6--7--9-9--7
    D -------------------------------------------------9
  4. sandipan_b2002

    sandipan_b2002 New Member

    i play it like this

  5. rishabhjain_89

    rishabhjain_89 New Member


    bro send pehla nasha if u hav it
  6. djsoki

    djsoki New Member


  7. pravesh_mallik

    pravesh_mallik New Member

    Nice Job

    Great work dude
  8. amit_yadav4

    amit_yadav4 New Member

    what does these nos signify

    I'm a beginner .. I just want to understand .. what these nos signify 6---5--6--5 etc etc .. I can unserstand that DBG are the string .. but how to play with these nos.

    Pls help
  9. jyoti<3

    jyoti<3 New Member

    hi amit

    6--5 erc. is the frets you have to play

    so u have

    e----1----| its like the first bar on your guitar then 2 is past the metal rod then 3 so on n so forth hope this helps x
  10. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member

    My version starts like this:

    G# G# A

    Formatting not coming up clearly here.

    Visit the blog to get the full version:

    Here's the links: http://desichords.blogspot.com/2009/03/ek-haseena-thi-karz.html
  11. blbirajdar

    blbirajdar New Member

    Hi Sandipan

    I have recently started playing Guitar..

    I play with the strings counted as C,E,D,F,G,A,B,C' . So basically my question is how can I play the above tune using my notations? Because I see you have named the dtrings differently than what my master teaches me..
  12. Sir Joe

    Sir Joe New Member

    Ek haseena thi ...

    All are wrong and unnecessary complicated methods ... this is the easiest .. follow mine .. its perfect and melodius too ...

    On the first string ..
    8-6-8-9 8-6-8-9 8-6-8-9-6



    Enjoy playing .. 8 means on the eighth fret and so on ..all on the first string ....
  13. aniketpataskar

    aniketpataskar New Member

    @sir joe pitch doesnt remain same if u play on the same string...
    thats y we guitarists learn scales otherwise one could play the entire c d e..... c on the same string rite?
    and it would be better if u say that u r posting ur suggestion and nt that others r wrong
  14. ajayverma12jan

    ajayverma12jan New Member

    send me the lead of

    o o jana jana
  15. Mastermind2012

    Mastermind2012 New Member

    Ek hasina thi

    hii guys ,i play ek hasina thi in a different way hope u will like it and thankss 2 every1 who post chords for different songs i learned many things from here so thankxx....by the way i play the song with 2 chords B and G ....


  16. sachindd

    sachindd New Member

    i really like chords , thanks for posting !
  17. krazzybiceps68

    krazzybiceps68 New Member

    Hi all rockstars..!!!!

    Can anyone here, provide me with the leads of fill ek haseena thi song ???

    I need the full song....

    thanks to all in advance...
  18. Abhinav_dce

    Abhinav_dce New Member

    @Rishabh, Thanks a lot man. I know I'm almost 5 year late in saying that. :p. I started learning guitar last week, and today I was able to play your tabs. Playin this song was my dream, and you helped me in realizing that dream. I am on top of the world and It will surely act as Moral booster for me. Thanks a Ton Man

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