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  1. shuvro

    shuvro New Member

    ei chokhe chokh ami rekhechi
    shath ronge mone chobi ekechi
    ar chokh vore joto ami dekhechi
    jeno shorger kachakachi eshechi.....
    ki maya shechokhe
    amito bujhi nah.........

    plz cheak these chords.........
  2. bappiabcd

    bappiabcd New Member

    valo chords use hoise shuvro............kintu hotat ei ganer chords dilen je..........
  3. shuvro

    shuvro New Member

    vai bappi etar kono karon nai....emni gan ta khub valo lage to tai pathalam.....
  4. mfarid

    mfarid New Member

    excellent gaan!! Tobe Winning made it "Neel Chokh" although it was
    originally written by Haidar bhai as "Shei Chokh" - we were (Oasis - comprised
    of the late Sound engineer Mobin - who played bass for us) the first band to record the song (in addition to "Mon Kije Chai Bolo") - but Chime (Mr. Tulu) and Winning (Mr. Chandan et al) threatened to sue us if we recorded it, so we played ball and dropped the idea.

    The song is one the greatest Bengali songs I know if rendered correctly, but for some reason, Winning simply murdered the song and the intended mood of the song by converting it to rock with those thrashing riffs and licks and Tipu's unnecessary high speed (fast, but boring) drumming. By the way, Tipu played on 3 of our songs - and I could not help my surprise when I read long time ago that he was voted the best drummer in Bangladesh for 2 years in a row - we really must be sadly lacking talent!!

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