easy notes for jaane tu ya jaane na...

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  1. hydierocker

    hydierocker New Member

    hii guys....can any one post easy notes for jaane tu....iam just a beginner....plz only notes not chords..
  2. latestcrush

    latestcrush New Member

    as u r a beginner...i am not posting u the tab
    for intro part...
    keep yr two fingers on 2nd string on 3th fret and on 5rd fret....
    hit once then leave fingure on 5th fret.hit again to get sound from 3rd...repeat this...same pattern again on 6th and 5th fret...
    enjoy....request if u find trouble
  3. Babu sona

    Babu sona New Member

    How Beginner Can Learn ?

    If you don't post the tabs how Beginner's can learn to play ?
    So please post the tabs . It is a nice song .
  4. hydierocker

    hydierocker New Member

    thanx dude for that....but it gives only the tune of the title...basically wat i need is the guitar part of the song kabhi kabhi aditi...plz post if possible...
  5. shubeg

    shubeg New Member

  6. shubeg

    shubeg New Member

    finding problem
  7. vividvivek

    vividvivek New Member

    i think....

    i think the song is built on Emaj(EAGDBe = xx2454), Amaj(577655) and Gmaj(355433) barre chord...wat say ppl?
  8. JamesRevelation

    JamesRevelation New Member

  9. adithya330

    adithya330 New Member

    i need poove sempoove interlude notes
  10. adithya330

    adithya330 New Member

    can anyone send me this pls

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