Easy Guitar Lessons at your own pace (GURGAON)

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    I am offering Guitar classes for beginners and intermediate level
    players near Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon.
    Classes available for individuals and groups.
    Group Discount for friends who want to learn together!
    Call me at 0124-4101555 or triple nine zero five zero nine triple six.

    Can teach you to play:
    >basic rhythm,
    >basic lead/solo,
    >basic bass guitar,
    >basic music theory,
    >simple scales

    Added Skills:
    >different strumming styles,
    >keeping time,
    >figuring out chords to songs,
    >figuring out your own chords (how to put them together),

    Advanced Basics (I know - oxymoron-ish but true!)
    >basic harmonics,
    >pinched harmonics,
    >slightly tougher scales

    Professional skills
    >show-boarding (tips, trills, tricks etc)
    >covering up goof-ups
    >alternate playing styles (for maximum show-effect)
    >keeping in time with others

    >rhythm slapping
    >hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends and their myriad variations
    >porting your music skills to the piano (piano for guitar players)
    >Reading music (tab / staff / freestyle) and writing your music down


    Didn't know till i wrote it all down that there is so much to teach!

    I've been teaching for about 9 years now. So I'm pretty sure I can teach you, if you REALLY want to learn. All I ask is that you keep up practice on your own time as well.

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