Easy chords for kabhi kabhi aditi plzz

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    Hi! I'm just starting on guitar & really want to play this song tu frnds.....Plzzz does nybody hav tabs apart from the Gm, Cm set (which im finding kinda hard to pickup right now)??
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    u shud try lowerin the scale to Em........juz replace Gm by Em and Cm by Am.....accordingly F wil be replaced by D and D#(used at sum places in d song) by C.......hope ur comfortable wid dis set!!
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    Kabhi Kabhi aditi Zindagi ,

    Mein yuhi koi apna lagta hai

    Kabhi Kabhi aditi woh bichad jaye to

    Ek sapna lagta hai

    Em C
    Aise mein koi kaise apnne aasun ko behene se roke

    Aur kaise koi soch de

    Everythings gona be ok

    and so on...
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    i've copied it ...bt this sure z perfect

    This song involves 3 major chords…

    Gm - 333553
    Cm - 34553X
    F - 112331

    The starting interlude has to be strummed as well as muted. Considering it to be a 3-beat sequence, hit the chord DOWN twice and then instead of striking on the 3rd beat, just mute the chord. That should produce the desired effect. If you find a better way, do tell me. The interlude chords are as below:

    Gm — Gm — Cm
    Gm — Gm — Cm

    The above steps has to be done for each instance of the chord in the interlude. Now the song starts…


    Kabhi ka(Gm)bhi Aditi zinda(Gm)gi mein yuhi koi (Cm)apna lagta hai.
    Kabhi ka(Gm)bhi Aditi wo bich(Gm)har jaaye to ek (Cm)sapna lagta hai.
    Aise mei koi (Gm)kaise apne (Gm)aansu o ko (Cm)behne se roke?
    Aur (F)kaise koi sochle every(Gm)thing’s gonna be ok?

    The first two lines of the above stanza can be played without continuous strumming i.e. by just playing the interlude.

    Kabhi ka(Gm)bhi to lage zinda(Gm)gi mein rahi naa khu(Cm)shi aur naa mazaa.
    Kabhi ka(Gm)bhi to lage har (Gm)din mushkil aur (Cm)har pal ek sazaa.
    Aise mein koi (Gm)kaise musku(Gm)raye, kaise (Cm)hasde khush hoke?
    Aur (F)kaise koi soch de every(Gm)thing gonna be ok?

    The INTERLUDE is played again once but it is delayed by half a bar.

    Gm - Cm - G

    ANTRA 1

    (A#)Soch jara jaane(Cm)ja tujhko hum (A#)kitna chahte hai.
    (Gm)Rotein hai hum bhi a(F)gar teri ankhon mein (A#)aansu aate hai.
    (Gm)Gaane to aata na(Cm)hi hai magar phir (Cm)bhi hum gaate hai(Gm).
    Ke Aditi (Cm)maan kabhi, kabhi (Cm)saare jahan mein an(F)dhera hota hai;
    Lekin (Cm)raat ke (Gm)baad hi to sa(F)vera hota hai(F).

    MUKHDA Again

    More repeat of INTERLUDE and chord progressions…

    ANTRA 2

    (A#)Tu khush hai to la(Cm)ge ke jahan mein (A#)chhaayi hai khushi.
    (Gm)Suraj nikle (F)baadlon se aur (Gm)baatein zindagi.
    (Gm)Suun to jara mad(Cm)hosh hawa tujh(Cm)se kehne la(Gm)gi.
    Ke Aditi (Cm)wo jo bichhad-te hai (Cm)ek na ek din (F)phir mil jaate hai;
    Aditi (Cm)jaane tu ya (Gm)jaane na phool (F)phir khil jaate hai(F).

    MUKHDA Again…
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    guess dis sounds better:

    Lekin (Fm)raat ke (Fm)baad hi to sa(Cm)vera hota hai.

    n same here:

    Aditi (Fm)jaane tu ya (Fm)jaane na phool (Cm)phir khil jaate hai.

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