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  1. i_me_ps

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    Hi guys ,
    I recently made a friend over the internet and she wants me to play her a telegu song. Now i am a north indian( hindi speaker ) so u might understand my position. Can someone plz suggest me an easy telegu tune which i could master easily and impress her. ;) :)
  2. ko_arjun

    ko_arjun New Member

    Try 1.Kammani ee prema lekhale in D major (Movie: Guna/Yeto vellipoyindi manasu - Ilayaraja)
    2.Ee velalo neevu in Aminor(movie: gulabi - Sasi Preetam)
    3.Less popular but one of my favorites -- nee navvu cheppindi naatho in Aminor (Movie:Antham - RD Burman)

    Still better, play a medley of all the above...
  3. nice suggestions Ko_arjun...
    i_me_ps.... you will find better tabs for Kammani ee premalekhane (arjun's first suggestion) if you look for "kanmani anbodu kaadhalan"in tamil tabs because it is a dubbed song. still better, ask her which song she prefers and request here... it will take time but we will give you a easy way to play it for sure.
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