Earth's population : 6.5 Billion and counting

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by amit82cse, Feb 23, 2006.

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    Mera bharat mahaan
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    interesting post... but it makes me wonder howcan they b so accurate even when estimating... how do they no about remote tribes and other isolated communities?
  4. Would be interesting to see a clock on how the US is reducing worlds population as well.
    If you know what I mean.
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    A lot of times, their estimates are higher than the actual population for the exact same reason.

    For the patriots: More people in india is only a short term burden. On the longer term, when the population actually settles down, its much better for the country's position. And with the education system that we have now, it'll probably increase the national pride of indians (and consequently the arrogance, as if we dont have enough of that now )
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    actually they uses some crappy statistical method, so the population meter is just some estimates. Chk this
    See the age wise population distribution of India, they r saying after say 10 yrs India will be benefitted by imense youth power unlike US ;)
  8. amit82cse

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    wow...thats interesting....
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    yes, but this youthfullness, may end up one day crippling india... its happening to quite a few european countries e.g. germany... formerly youthful, now an ageing population, as the youth become more independant and are pro choice, ultimately resulting in less children being born.
    this can all be explained by the use of demographic transition models and their 4 or as some say 5 stages, and also the use of population pyramids.
    btw demography is the study of people/population.
    check out this website for more info:
    choose india as the country, and select dynamic as the option, and observe how the population ages, indicated by the barrowing of the base eventually.
    there iv written enuf now, almost a geography essay, i can explain more if required

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