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    I need help with earphones...I was totally happy with my Sennheiser MX400 till I lost 'em recently.Turns out they're not available anywhere right now.
    So I went on a stupid earphone-search and wound up losing a lot of cash after buying;
    1)JBL reference 210
    2)Sennheiser MX50
    3)".............." MX260
    4)AKG K14P
    The worst part is they all suck..except well,260,which I'm reluctantly using.
    I'm not really an audiophile as such,just that the kind of sound I want is very specific.I'm really into chillout/downtempo and indie-acoustic music..so I'm more interested in the sound quality of the different instruments and effects used rather than the beats in particular.But I still need bass to give that wholeness to the music...so yeah,not thumping bass..but good bass.Any suggestions?
    My budget is currently short..not more than 1.5k..if only I din buy all that,I could go for more.If you don't know any names,can you just tell me the specs I should look for to get that sort of effect (where you feel you're actually surrounded by music/more emphasis on treble n mids and well-balanced bass)?
    No headphones please..earbuds aren't my favs either,but if you know any good ones,lemme know.
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    a bit pricey but you can go for head-direct re2 IEM's for 49$ shipped from the US from head-direct.com....it is the best VPM earphones in the market now
    under that you will only get the usual ep630 and cx400
    there is also the crossroads bijou series you can get from jaben.net
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    Earphones are meant to suck, otherwise how would they stick to your ears?

    Graduate to large full size full range speakers.

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