Early Years of Metallica

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    February 10, 1962: Cliff Burton, bassist for Metallica's first three albums, is born.
    November 18, 1962: Kirk Hammett is born in San Francisco, California
    March 4, 1963: Jason Newsted, Cliff's replacement, is born in Battle Creek, Michigan
    August 3, 1963: Jaymz Alan Hetfield is born in Los Angeles, California
    December 26, 1963: Lars Ulrich is born in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he lives until the late '70s. When his parents decide to move to Newport Beach, in the vicinity of Los Angeles.
    1973: Lars, at age 9, goes to his first concert, when Deep Purple played in Copenhagen. He enjoys the concert so much he starts to collect albums by Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. Later he discovers the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal). He then discovers bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Sweet Savage and Diamond Head, which influenced his musical direction.
    Late 1976: Lars get his first drum kit from his Grandparents
    1980: Ulrich, now 17 flies to Britain to Diamond Head, his favourite band, play. He meets the singer Sean Harris and he hangs with the band for a month. He soon learns about the band Merciful Fate, another band in the NWOBHM. He returns to Los Angeles to try and make his own NWOBHM band.
    Early 1981: Lars puts an ad in a paper called The Recycler, trying to find musicians to make a band with. Jaymz, who put an ad in the same paper, gets together with Lars for a jam session. Lars listens to some of his NWOBHM records getting Jaymz into the type of music. The two of them decide to form a band. Desperate for a good band name, they dismiss all the cliché options like Grinder, Blitzer, and Red Vette, and settle on the name METALLICA, which Lars steals from a fanzine editor friend.
    Late 1981: Metallica puts a song a on compilation LP called Metal Massacre 1, featuring metal bands from the L.A. area. The song they put onthe album was called "Hit The Lights" (sound familiar?). The band at that time was Lars on the drums, Jaymz on rhythm guitar, bass and vocals, and Lloyd Grant, on the lead guitar.
    January 1982: Metallica picks up Dave Mustaine, a friend of Jaymz, whichplays lead guitar. Around the same time Metallica picks up Ron McGovney, Hetfield's roommate, to play bass.
    March 1982: Metallica opens for Saxon at Whiskey A Go Go in L.A.. The show was a hit, consisting of covers by Diamond Head, Savage, and Sweet Savage. A bootleg of this show is one of the most sought-after tapes on the trading market.
    April 1982: Metallica (Jaymz, Lars, Dave, and Ron) record a 4-song demo featuring "Hit The Lights", "The Mechanix," "Jump In The Fire" and "Motorbreath." sowing the seeds for Metallica's next demo.
    May 28, 1982: Metallica opens as a 5 piece at The Concert Factory in L.A. with Lars, Dave, Ron, Jaymz only singing, and Jeff Warner on rhythm guitar, the band doesn't work because Dave wouldn't allow Jeff to play lead. The band discards Jeff, going back to their first line-up.
    July 1982: Metallica records "No Life 'Till Leather," featuring the songs from their first demo as well as "Metal Militia," "Seek And Destroy," and "Phantom Lord." After this demo the metal underground considers Metallica "Gods."
    August 1982: Cliff Burton and his band Trauma, play at the Whiskey A Go Go, Where Jaymz and Lars first see the blessed-demon. They are so impressed with Cliff that they want him to be in Metallica. He refuses. later on that year Cliff agrees to join only if Metallica relocate to San Franciso.
    September 18, 1982: Metallica establish a strong following by playing at the Keystone in San Franciso, with the bands on the Metal Massacre 1 compilation. Metallica play all 7 songs off of "No Life 'Till Leather," and two Diamond Head songs, leaving the 200-or-so people to attend in complete shock. Soon afterwards playing all over San Franciso.
    October 1982: Metallica support Laaz Rockit in San Fransico.
    November 11, 1982: Metallica play as to support to Y&T at the Woodstock in L.A.
    November 29, 1982: Metallica play as the headliner in the Bay Area. The supporting act was Exodus featuring Kirk Hammett, 20 years old at the time.
    November 30, 1982: Metallica plays their last concert with Ron at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Franciso.
    December 1982: Jaymz, Lars, and Dave move to San Franciso, moving in at 3132 Carlson Boulevard, the home of soundman Mark Whitaker.
    January 1983: Johny "Z" Zazula, a record store owner/concert promoter in New Jersey invites Metallica to come do some shows on the East Coast.
    February 15, 1983: Metallica complete their move to San Franciso, Lars and Jaymz share a place with Mark, while Dave ends up at Mark's grandmother's.
    Late February, 1983: Metallica now with Cliff record a two track demo featuring the songs "No Remorse" and "Whiplash."
    March 5, 1983: Metallica plays first show with Cliff at the Stone in San Franciso.
    Late March, 1983: Metallica, with Mark make a 3,000+ miles trip to the East Coast. On the way over Metallica and Dave have many arguments, mostly because of Dave's alcohol intake.
    April 1983: In New York, Jaymz and Lars decide to kick Dave out of the band. Following a series of show with Vandenberg and The Rods on the East Coast, Dave gets sent home via Greyhound bus, and Kirk Hammett of Exodus is flown in as a replacement.
    May 10-27, 1983: Metallica records "Kill Em All" in the Barrett Alley Studios in Rochester, New York.
    July 1983: "Kill Em All" is released on Megaforce Records in the USA, and Music For Nations and Roadrunner in Europe.
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    nice info ther.....
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    gud job dude.......

    metallica rulzz
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    he he... cool... nice work
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    wherever u got that from , its really gud info to me.i hadly knew whewre these guys were born/
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    man i wana know abt their Albums...can anyone help
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    Cool stuff.
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    metallica is my fav.
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    My fav album is BLACK
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    yeah my fav is blue!:p:
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    yeah check this out ...
    it contains the discography and single at the end of the page ...

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    i really love metallica. my favourite band of all time.
    what do you think about rob trujillo and his shorts? no doubt the guy is great with bass but the graceful image that metallica have... he really doesn't fit in. then again its his playing that matters more than his image but still image is an important factor and cannot be niglected. what do you guys think?
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    I think he sucks. Jason was good, but Burton was the best !!
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    nice work man thnx for the infoz
  15. Nanda

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    Well said ...... totally agree ....

    Burton was GOD coz he was influenced by proper ppl .. His taste varies from danzing to motorhead to sabbath to bach to MISFITS .......
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    I have heard Metallica all through till their Load. I dont think Jason Newsted is anything less than Cliff Burton. A lot of people get super heroic status when have a tragic death. I think Cliff Burton wouldn't have become as popular if he had lived.
  17. Nanda

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    Hey ....... Cilff is considered great by the greats !!!!!!!

    And most of the Metallicas later work was plain Neo Grunge !!!!!! And Jason never played stuffs like Orion or Anastesia !!!!!
  18. ronnieanand

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    Jason can still play that Ananstesia Bass stuffs and things like that. Hear Metallica Live Shi.t Binge and Purge. There's an awesome Newsted Solo in it.
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    Listen to the bass work of Cliff when he was in Trauma .. Its great .. He was not a bassy .. He was the lead bassist !
  20. ronnieanand

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    Anybody would do that man. I meant any bassist of high calibre would do that. I dont think Jason Newsted wont be able to become a Lead Bassist of a band. I dont think it's anything for them. It's just a matter of preference of what they wanted to do. Infact every of those big bassist can do the job of what Cliff did of Trauma.

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