Ear training and strumming patterns..

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  1. sachin tyagi

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    Hi guys,
    I know it is hard to describe how to learn strumming patterns, but still could neone please tell me what is best way to learn it. I know it requires ear training to actually get it but what is this ear training? and how it works ...

    Your help is appreciated in advance..

  2. jozko

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    It isn't extremely hard sachin.

    Best way should be attending experts classes if u can.

    But as far as i know strumming patterns mean trying to follow rythm of a song on guitar strings, just like most of us try to follow rythm of a song with palm and fingers on a table/desk/matchbox/glass/head/thighs or any surface. Try doing the same on guitar. Listen carefully to the beats of songs and try to recreate the rythm. Highly trained ear can identify notes and chords. A great ability. untrained ear can follow rythm. that's why we can dance to a rythm. I can't do any but still that's what i try, but it may be wrong way too.

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